WeedRoller Accessories

Additional AC Extension Cords for your WeedRoller PRO

Getting there, no problem!

Your WeedRoller PRO will come with a durable, 70 foot AC power cord. If you need an additional 25 feet, no problem. Simply order this handy extension cord kit to get the extra length you need. Get power where you need it while maintaining a professional, seamless look to your WeedRoller PRO installation.  

When ordering the 25 foot extension cord, please note the part number: 51343-00 

Do you need even more? No problem. Whether you need to reach further to your power supply or are simply looking to replace your original cord, the original 70 foot WeedRoller PRO power cord can also be ordered. Adding this extension will  give you an impressive 140 feet of seamless, professional looking power supply.

When ordering the 70 foot extension cord, please note the part number: 51327-00 


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