WeedRoller PRO


Here is what some owners have to say about their Crary WeedRoller PRO:

 Babe Winkelman - Host of Good Fishing & Outdoor Secrets: Hartley Lake, MN
"I've used the Crary WeedRoller for about 20 years on my lake front property and would choose no other way to control the lake weeds. It is an eco-friendly alternative to get rid of lake weeds and helps keeps the environment clean, in addition to creating an area for fish spawning. It's a great investment and will increase the value of my lake home for years to come!"

Genava Beach Resort, Alexandria, MN
"Our swimming area is weed free and our guest really appreciate the improvement.  There is a lot more activity & enjoyment of the sandy bottom."

Michael and Lynn T: Lansing, MI
"We have sandy weed free areas on both sides of our dock, perfect for the young grand kids to play."

Bonne B: Battle Creak, MI
"Cleaned out weeds and muck to give firmer and cleaner lake bottom."

Bob M: Big Birch Lake, MN.
"The lake bottom had not been used by swimmers and consequently the weeds gathered and grew and the subsequent muck develops. The WeedRoller handles the Job."

Dale D: Eagle Lake, MN.
"Many weeds and 4 inches of silt. After 1 year with WeedRoller, I have no weeds and bottom cleaned up dramatically... The real bonus was bottom firmed up, no silt and muck left. It worked great!"

Lynn C: Big Pine Lake, MN.
"We were so overpopulated with weeds. I wouldn't even go in the water. Now we have a beautiful swim area-hard and totally weed-free bottom. We think your WeedRoller is one of the best things we ever invested in."

Jeff M: Wall Lake, MN.
"The bottom line for me is that I bought a home on this lake 2-1/2 years ago. I have three children. Without a beach or area to swim for my children the reasons for living on any lake would be greatly diminished... Without the WeedRoller I'm not sure if I would still be living at this address. Customer service is your strongest suit-it's great!"

Evelyn L: Pelican Lake, MN.
"I didn't like the idea of putting chemical weed killers in the lake, and they really didn't do any kind of a job for us at all...It's a good feeling to know that you're using something that's proper, and that it works so well!"

Warren J: Shamineauu Lake, MN.
" We had over a foot of muck before the WeedRoller-now the bottom is hard with a muck ridge at the end of the rollers... The WeedRoller does a great job of clearing it out."

Warren A: Upper Gull Lake, MN.
"I feel the WeedRoller is the best method for control of lake weeds. I don't believe chemicals should be dumped in our lakes at all."

Robert T: Margaret Lake, MN.
"My grandchildren and my kids all love the new beach they can play in. My neighbors can't believe what a good job this unit did!"

Gerald M: Child Lake, MN.
"It has done a great job which exceeded our expectations."

Jerry S: Pelican Lake, MN.
"It works well, totally cleared all weeds from all areas and smoothed the bottom... Easy to set up and works perfectly. It takes 3 days to control weeds..."

Gale E: Upper Gull Lake, MN.
"Worth every penny. Pleased with performance and operation. Simple concept and it works - a good combination!!"

Carol B: Pequot Lakes, MN.
"THE BEST SOLUTION WE'VE EVER USED!!! For 2 years we went with a state licensed sprayer - the cost of this was the same as the investment in the roller & this is the only thing that has worked and we feel will last certainly more than 2 years!"

Gene R: Dagget Lake, MN.
"It made the bottom much firmer and got rid of weeds, I just love to watch the progress it makes."

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