5 inch Chipper - Model CH500H

The toughest attachment for your skid steer loader!

Bear Cat's line of skid steer chippers attach in seconds and are driven solely by your skid steer's hydraulics. They are available in standard/high-flow and high-flow models. Either model will make short work of any troublesome debris.

  • Continuous chipping size rating refers to the suggested feeding size of limbs for normal operation
  • Standard-flow requires a minimum of 15 gallons per minute (GPM) hydraulic oil flow
  • High-flow requires a minimum of 25 GPM hydraulic oil flow

CH500H Specification
Chipper Capacity (in) 5
L x W x H (in) -
Wheel Base (in) N/A
Weight (lbs) 1145
Make Skid Steer Driven
Displacement N/A
Start Type N/A
Fuel Capacity N/A
Chipper Blades 4
Feed Sensor N/A
Feed Opening (in) 5.5 x 7
Feed System Hydraulic
Discharge Chute Standard
Chipper Disc Weight (lbs) 140
Homeowner 2 Year
Commercial 1 Year

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What is this machine designed for?

* The ECHO Bear Cat chipper is designed to effectively eliminate wood, brush, and other organic
material while using your skid steer as the power unit.

When should I rent instead of buying a chipper?

* Rent the machine if you have a very limited or unique job.

What is the capacity and hydraulic flow requirements of these machines?

* The CH500H is capable of continuously feeding 3" branches and requires at least 15 gallons
per minute (GPM). The CH800H is capable of continuously feeding 5" branches and requires
at least 25 GPM on a hi-flow skid steer.

Will the chipper fit my skid steer?

* The ECHO Bear Cat skid steer chipper is equipped with universal attachment ends, capable
of hooking up to most skid steers.

When should I buy a hydraulic feed machine?

* If you have a large, consistent job to do, a hydraulic feed machine will provide better performance
and greater productivity.

How long will the chipper blades last?

* Depending on the type of wood, age and cleanliness, chipper blades will work well for between
five and ten hours. Dry, dirty wood will dull the blades faster. Hydraulic feed machines
will have better blade life.

How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?

* Proper maintenance is vital. Routine maintenance, including chipper blades, will normally
take only 10 minutes.

How can I get pricing information?

* Your nearest dealer can provide you with product and price info. You can find your nearest
dealer by accessing the dealer locator button at this link: Dealer Locator

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