Power Take Off

9 inch PTO Chipper - Model CHF9540H

Orchard cleanup has never been easier

This 9 inch Capacity Orchard Chipper has 16 reversible chipper blades that produce some of the smallest chips in the industry. With a low profile discharge, it places chips directly onto the ground. LOFA speed control system is a standard factory-installed feature on this machine. The hinged service cover allows easy access for maintenance and clean up.

(*NOTE - For Use On Tractors with PTO Horsepower Ratings From 35 hp to 60 hp) 

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

When do I buy a chipper powered by a tractor Power Take Off (PTO) vs. an engine-driven unit?

If you own a tractor, and you are bringing the material to a collection site, a PTO chipper is a smart economic choice.

When should I rent instead of buying a chipper?

Rent the machine if you have a very limited or unique job.

What are the tractor requirements for these chippers and chipper/shredders?

The ECHO Bear Cat 4" or 5" chippers and 5" chipper/shredders require a tractor with engine hp ranging from 25hp to 45hp. 
The ECHO Bear Cat 4.5" chippers requires a tractor with engine hp ranging from 15hp to 28hp. 
The ECHO Bear Cat 8" and 9" chippers require a tractor with engine hp ranging from 35hp to 60hp.

Will the chipper fit my tractor?

The ECHO Bear Cat chippers and chipper/shredders are designed to fit all category I three point hitches. Chipper weight and tractor hp should be taken into consideration.

When should I buy a manual feed machine?

If you have an infrequent need for a chipper and time is not a factor, a gravity feed machine will fit your needs well.

How can I get pricing information?

Your nearest dealer can provide you with product and price info. You can find your nearest dealer by accessing the dealer locator button at this link: Dealer Locator

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