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574 Harvester

Increased Capacity Goes A Long Way!

Light weight, enhanced visibility and increased capacity are just a few features the 574 Harvester has to offer!  This cost-effective machine can handle a variety of soil conditions to meet each farmer's needs.

  • Light weight frame helps minimize bruising and improve visibility
  • Rock protection abailable for digger nose
  • Handles up to 12 rows of potatoes with ease
  • 42 inch rear cross and side elevator gently handles large capacities
  • New and improved trailing coulter design
  • Harvester control box comes standard with return to center, return to depth joy stick boom control and built - in rear cross alarm

Model 574
Number of Rows 4
Row Spacing 32 inch - 38 inch
Digging Speed 2 - 5 mph
Headlands to Turn 23 feet
Digger Nose Width, Wide 152.5 inch
Digger Nose Width, Narrow 146.25 inch
Tractor PTO 200 hp
Base Machine (lbs) 24,500


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