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472 Harvester

Withstanding the test of time!

Gently handle large capacities, while keeping a more bruise-free environment.

  • Improve the cleaning of potatoes with the larger blower
  • Capable of handling a large volume of potatoes when used with a 4-row windrower
  • Able to pull harvester with a 145 hp tractor
  • Obtain more stability in the field with the three and four row axle options
  •  42 inch rear cross and side elevator gently handles high capacities
  • A full line of side elevator cleaning tables are available

Model 472
Number of Rows 2
Row Spacing 32 inch - 40 inch
Digging Speed 2 - 5 mph
Headland to Turn 20 feet
Digger Nose Width, Wide 69.5 inch
Digger Nose Width, Narrow 63.5 inch
Tractor PTO HP 145
Base Machine (lbs) 15,000

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