Crary® Wind System


    Changing weather patterns, high winds or a dry growing season can really take its toll on your yield potential.  Do not let short, weather damaged or late season harvesting cause even more yield loss by poor feeding or shattering at the cutter bar.

    Maximize your crops potential by adding Crary® Wind System (CWS) to your header.  By adding a CWS, you can continue using your factory reel while experiencing the profit saving benefits of adding a stream of air over your cutter bar. This high velocity air will keep the crop moving quickly into the header, either back to the auger or right onto the draper belt. The CWS features powder coat paint. This not only protects the components, it reduces the troublesome sun glare from the aluminum components.

    Every bean and kernel count towards your profitability, with a CWS you will have the power of air on your side.

    The CWS is equipped with a range of features:

    • 8 inch Crary fan with rotary screen
    • 8 inch aluminum tube
    • 36 inch and 42 inch long, alternating drop tubes, with added gussets for extra strength
    • Fits most major brands of headers
    • Powder coat paint for extra durability and helps reduce troublesome sun glare

    What makes the CWS - Crary Wind System so different?

    • Sectional Manifolds:
      The manifold on a Crary Wind System is built in sections. This is a big advantage because it makes our systems easier to ship - which will save you money. Plus, if a section of the CWS is ever damaged you can simply remove that section and replace it. Again saving you even more money!
    • Heavy Duty Support:
      The Crary Manifolds are supported by heavy duty flanged joints. There are no cables running through our manifold, which can disrupt your air performance. In challenging harvest conditions you need to ensure you maximize your system's performance. Simply put, Crary gives you more!
    • Self-contained fan assembly: 
      We have the technology to mount our reliable systems to your harvester's head/platform. This offers you the ability to use your head and Air System with different harvesters. Plus, if you trade-in or replace your harvester, our systems are self-contained. This can save you hundreds of dollars if your dealer does not have to spend time removing the fan from the harvester.
    • Support after the Sale: 
      We know how important Uptime is in today's market. That's why you can have the piece of mind that Crary is dedicated to Service and Support. Our systems not only carry a warranty, gauranteed to protect against manufacturing defects, but we work hard all year long to ensure our Service & Parts departments are equipped to handle daily challenges. That way, You Can Count on Crary! 

    Faster Ground Speeds 
    Most owners and operators of a Crary Wind System report higher ground speeds due to the fact that they no longer have to wait for bunched crop to clear the platform. With faster ground speeds come higher profits and reduced fuel expenses.

    A Variety Of Crops 
    Types of crop and the condition of the crop are not a concern for CWS owners. Many report that they can move between fields while making no adjustments to their header.  The benefits of high velocity air are being realized in many different crop harvests: wheat, lentils and beans are just a few.

    Long Lasting
    The Crary high pressure fan utilizes a steel rotor. Natural dust and dirt particles can be coarse and abbrasive, having a steel rotor will increase the longevity of your air system.

    Series II Gearbox™ 
    The Crary Wind System now comes equipped with a Series II Gearbox. Features of the Series II inlcude:

    • -Simplified Design
    • -Reduced weight, sound and operating temperature
    • -Improved field serviceability
    • -Increased power transmission allows Crary to move more air with a single fan

    "I forgot how nice the CWS fed the crop into the combine until I was given the opportunity to drive a new combine and head with just a conventional reel. The beans fed into our old combine evenly, but piled and bunched on the new combine."

    -Ron L. Havelock, IA

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